resilience & mindset


resilience & mindset

About Jessica


"I saw Jessica step on the stage I could feel her

presence. Her talk wasn't just full of words, but her energy and passion

carried a powerful message. Jessica knows how to instantly engage her

audience and keep them captivated for the duration of her time. I was left

inspired and excited after hearing  her speak." -  Testimony from Cherene Francis - Personal

Branding Expert

Jessica Opoku is the 2018 Inspirational Speaker of the year for Speaker Slam -

Canada's Premier Inspirational Speaking Competition. 

She's known to many as "Jess(ica) with the dynamic voice". She captivates and inspires people to ignite

and restore that ‘never give up's in you!.' 

She is also a Founder and the Spokesperson of Women with Passion and Purpose,

an organization that raises funds and additional supports for local community


By faith she's leaving her footprints in community and impacting lives, one

connection at a time.


"I’ve worked with hundreds of speakers and seen thousands of

performances. As a veteran of the professional speaking industry, I can say

that Jessica has what most speakers dream of: talent, poise, humour and

an eloquence that is impossible to ignore. Combine that with her passion

for service and you have an unstoppable force for good!" - Testimony from Majeed

Mogharreban, founder of

Programs and workshop


  • Speaker Slam 2018: Resilience Speech (2nd Place) and Grand Slam Human Connection Speech (Winner for the year)

  • Burlington Public Library 2018: Mental Wellness Workshop for Teens

  • Toastmaster International Division H Inspirational Speech Winner (2019) and Tall Tale Festival Speaker.

  • Women with Passion and Purpose (WPP) Conference - 2016 Panelist Speaker and 2018 Panelist Facilitator of an unscripted panel discussion. 

  • University of Toronto - Wellmillennial Event 2018 - Keynote Speaker: The "F" Word - Our perception of Failure

  • Ancaster Rotary Club 2017: "Never Give Up - You're a S.T.A.R- Someone Trying to Achieve Results!"

  • Westmount Secondary School 2017: Subject: "Self-Exploration, Career Decisions and Your Realities" 

  • Women and Faith Event 2013: Keynote Speaker - "Beyond Beauty"

Remember When

Check out her speaker slam winning speech about human connection in the face of technology. 


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